Life Skills

Life Skills

We will support efforts to increase the ability of Nunavummiut to improve their own food security by gaining and utilizing life skills, including language, literacy and numeracy.

The choices we make about food affect our health. We have concerns that younger Nunavummiut are not learning the skills they need to obtain, store, prepare, and consume country food. We also have concerns that Nunavummiut are not learning or using the skills they need to make good choices with store-bought food.

To help increase food security, it is important for all Nunavummiut to strengthen and use skills related to country and store-bought foods. This includes language, literacy, and numeracy skills.

4.1 Create a network of people involved in the development and transmission of life skills, including content experts and educators.
4.2 Support the transfer of life skills using both formal and informal methods of learning.
4.3 Promote the development, sharing, and distribution of learning resources.
4.4 Support Nunavummiut by providing resources, training, and encouragement.
4.5 Incorporate life skills into existing programs wherever possible.
4.6 Make life skills programming available to broader audiences that include a diversity of ages and genders, with a specific focus on marginalized community members.