Store bought food

We will support a food supply chain that promotes the availability and affordability of store-bought food that maximize nutritional and economic value for Nunavummiut.

Nunavummiut eat more store-bought food today than in the past. Poor food choices mean poor health outcomes, and good food choices mean good health outcomes. Retailers have a role to play in providing healthy food, and Nunavummiut have a role to play in making healthy choices.


2.1 Develop and/or maintain working relationships with commercial partners to improve food security.
2.2 Support promotion of healthy eating.
2.3 Develop and implement a territory-wide price survey in order to regularly compare food prices in Nunavut communities over time.
2.4 Explore measures that reduce the cost of and increase access to store-bought food throughout the entire food supply chain.

Explore measures to increase healthy food options and choices in stores.