Report on the Nutrition North Canada Program

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Nunavut Food Security Coalition (Coalition) has published its report on the Nutrition North Canada (NNC) program. The report provides a Nunavut perspective on the NNC program and includes 15 relevant recommendations. It is hoped that the report will help inform upcoming public dialogue as well as decision-making regarding improvements to the program.

The Coalition welcomes the Auditor General’s report and specific comments on the current effectiveness of the NNC program. The Coalition is eager to work with the NNC Advisory Board to improve the NNC program so that it better meets the needs of Nunavummiut.  The Coalition hopes the NNC Advisory Board will seek the input of Nunavummiut both on an ongoing basis to measure successes and failures of the program as well as prior to making any program changes related to both the administration of the program and the list of foods eligible for subsidy.

Nunavut is by far the largest recipient of the NNC program, accounting for 25 of the 77 participating communities across Canada.  Nunavut is also the only jurisdiction where every community receives the full subsidy.

You can download the report below.